BWS 1994-2001

REUNION: Save the Date – 5th October 2024, Salisbury.


We are starting to plan a reunion to mark 30 years since some of us began our long, and in many cases unfinished path to mature adulthood by walking through the gates of Bishop’s in our oversized blazers. This is for all people who started in 1994 and started later and may have moved elsewhere before 2001.

At this point we have pinned the date down to allow long term planning, details of activities will be confirmed in the near future depending on how many are interested. Some ideas are a tour of the school, some kind of afternoon into evening party, watching a home rugby match. If nothing else we can just book a function room at a local pub. Hopefully the main event will be as cost effective as possible and all activities will be pick and mix so if you don’t fancy standing in the rain at Britford Lane you don’t need to. Whilst the main event will be on the Saturday the tour will probably be on the Friday.

At this point an expression of interest would be useful to formulate plans. I would prefer to start doing this via email as this is universal and easy. Once we get under way we can expand ideas. Please email me:


If you want to help in planning then please let me know as well. In particular it would be good to have someone from each form to help contact those I am not in contact with and someone to provide a better technical solution.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Daddy Dench



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