About our quiz masters:

Kathryn Atwood is the author of six young adult collective biographies about women in war, including Women Heroes of World War I. Find her on Twitter @Kate_Atwood, Instagram @kate_atwood7, Facebook at Kathryn J. Atwood, or her website,

Louise Bell is an independent historian, whose work primarily focuses on men who lost limbs during the First World War and the measures put in place to aid them. She did a wider range of work, including that on the WRNS and the WRAF, when working at The National Archives, as their First World War Diverse Histories Researcher (from 2015-2018). You can find her on Twitter @LouBell and also find her book, Images of The National Archives: Armistice, here.

Alice Kelly is an academic based in Oxford. Her book Commemorative Modernisms: Women Writers, Death and the First World War is coming out this summer with Edinburgh University Press. You can find Alice on twitter @DrAliceKelly and on her website

Sam Philo-Gill is an independent post-doctoral writer and researcher, currently looking at poetry and prose about the WAAC (The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps). She tweets at @WW1Waac and her book on the Corps’ history is published by Pen & Sword.

Dr Jenny Richardson’s research for her PhD focussed on the workwear worn by female munition workers during the First World War. Over the period of her research she has amassed a large collection of original postcards and ephemera from the period, on which her thesis rested. She is currently a visiting lecturer at Middlesex University and working on a book proposal.

Patrick Vanleene is an independent researcher, exhibition designer and historical adviser, specialised in WW I. He has published on the subject of the war in Flanders and has acted as historical adviser to the Channel Four documentary Not Forgotten (2005) and the BBC and HBO mini-series Parade’s End (2012). During the Commemoration years he designed several WW I – exhibitions for the towns of Nieuwpoort and Ghent.

Jenni Waugh is a community historian for hire who has a particular interest in researching and bringing to light the hidden histories of women. Throughout the WW1 Centenary Commemorations Jenni worked with Professor Maggie Andrews to develop and research a range of local history projects in Worcestershire which looked particularly at the impact of new Home Front volunteer opportunities and the growth of the WI on the lives of rural women of all classes.  Publications: How the Pershore Plum Won the Great War (History Press, 2017).

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