Florence (2020)


  • Cypress Trees
  • Unloving Love
  • Florrie’s Lorry
  • Pedestal
  • Idle Women
  • Statistics Save Lives
  • Mr Daly
  • Living Water
  • Words
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This album was written in 2019 as part of my touring production ‘Florence: the lesser known life and legacy of Florence Nightingale’ and it was recorded during the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. The nine original tracks relate to the themes of Florence’s work which continue to resonate today. Pedestal questions who we commemorate in public space and why, whilst Statistics Save Lives refers to Florence’s life-long work as a pioneering statistician. Mr Daly has been described as a ‘folk rap’ and it explores Florence’s decades as a social justice campaigner whilst Living Water draws directly from one of Florence’s hundreds of reports through which she spoke truth to power calling on the British government for equal access to healthcare and sanitation for all people in India.

Unlike many home-studio productions, this one has been produced and performed to a standard that any major studio would be pleased with. Ms Jordan is a gifted singer and instrumentalist. She is also a very dedicated researcher who, in another context, would be writing papers acclaimed by academe. This album is infused with talent and intelligence.

FATEA Magazine

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Like her previous work exploring the contribution of strong women in contemporary history, No Petticoats Here and The Hard Way, this is a well-researched and superbly executed album


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