Veritas (2014)


  • In the End
  • Bushes and Briars I
  • If It Lasts
  • Where’er You Walk
  • What Is the Matter?
  • Lovey Warne
  • Nobody Knows
  • Bushes and Briars II
  • Those Words
  • Garners Gay
  • Counting the Days
  • As She Goes


Veritas is a Latin word meaning Truth, one of the great virtues. In Roman mythology Veritas was the goddess of Truth and the mother of Virtue. She was an elusive being that took considerable commitment and courage to discover. The album explores truth in different contexts from being true to yourself and your own nature, how truth relates to the way that stories are passed on between people. When we interpret traditional songs, we relate them to our own truths and pass them on with new meaning.
This album was produced with the support of Help Musicians UK and with my mentor Stu Hannah (Megson) under the English Folk Dance and Song Society’s Aspire Mentoring Programme. Fiddle by Matt Tarling, percussion by Robin Tyndale-Biscoe, double bass Jon Thorne and harp by Katie Salomon.

A kind of concept album examining aspects of truth, on which Louise both charms and disturbs, freeflowing from self-penned to traditional via AA Milne. Veritas energises and inspires with gently captivating yet unassuming natural elegance; simple honesty and creative imagination hand in hand.


Louise Jordan emphasises the folk and classical connection in her work, and it shines through Veritas, her third album, on songs about truth and honesty.

R2 Magazine

Veritas continues to grow on me with each successive play and I do find I am playing it a great deal.

Folk London

Two years on from the release of Florilegium, the Winchester-born singer Louise Jordan returns with her third self-produced Latin titled album ‘Veritas’ that showcases her clear, pure soprano and accomplished guitar and (as showcased on the instrumental Counting the Days) piano playing.


If you are looking for an escape from electro pop, Veritas could well be the perfect antidote.

Right Chord Music

Louise Jordan has used her undoubted musical abilities, vocal and instrumental, to produce a very agreeable album.

Shire Folk

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